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Archangel Protocol
By Lyda Morehouse

Discussed May 2003

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  1. Story - Did you find the story satisfying? Why or why not? What elements most enhanced or detracted from your enjoyment of the story?
  2. Characters - There's a rather robust array of characters in this book. What characters do you feel Morehouse effectively displayed in the story? What characters did you feel were too 2-dimensional or didn't work? Why?
  3. Pacing - This was a relatively short book, 330 or so pages. Did you feel that the pacing of the story and the action were effective? Were there sections of the story that worked better than others in terms of pacing?
  4. Series vs Standalone - This book is the first in a sequence of at least 4 books. Did you feel it was complete in and of itself? Did you want to learn more about the world presented?
  5. Cyberpunk - What cyberpunk elements did we see? How did their presentation match up with or differ from that of, say, Neuromancer? Were the cyberpunk elements used effectively and to enhance the story? Did it feel like a world 75 years in the future?
  6. Future History - What did you think of Morehouse's "future history" - the science wars, the dropping of the Medusa Bombs, the de-secularization of the World? Did the short time span from today make it hard to believe these things could happen?
  7. Society - What did you think of Morehouse's theocratic world? How about the underclass as "those without religious affiliation"? Was this a cautionary tale or simply a plot device?
  8. Religion - Did the use of names, creatures, and trappings of religion enhance or detract from your enjoyment of the book? Did the questions of faith, belief, and religion work for you in the story? What did you think of Morehouse's take on the nature of "God"?
  9. GLBT - There's not a lot of direct GLBT content in Archangel Protocol, though GLBT issues and characters are mentioned a few times. Did these seem to flow from the story or did they seem forced? What about the concept of Uriel/Ariel - what did you think of her use of a trans angel? What about the presented take by the angels about the sinfulness (or lack thereof) of sex in general and of same sex pairings?
  10. Used by God - We've read another book where a character specifically comes to the conclusion that he was "used by God" (Emilio in The Sparrow). Was Deidre used by God? Did her self-realization seem to fit her situation? Why was she not thrilled to be the bearer of the potential second coming?
  11. Angels and AIs - There are a number of similarities - pointed out by the characters themselves - between the "angels" and Page the AI. What did you think of the parallels? What did this say about the nature of God? About the nature of Man and the LINK?

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