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A Wrinkle in Time
By Madeleine L'Engle

Discussed March 2018

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  • The Murry Family:
    • Meg (Margaret)
    • Charles Wallace
    • Mr. & Mrs Murray
    • Sandy and Dennys
  • Other People:
    • Calvin O'Keefe
  • Strange Beings
    • Mrs. Who
    • Mrs. Whatsit
    • Mrs. Which
    • Happy Medium
    • Aunt Beast
    • Man with Red Eyes
    • IT


Section 1 – The Reading Experience

  • Did you read (or re-read) the book for this discussion? Did you enjoy it?
  • A Wrinkle In Time is a book that many of us had likely read growing up – did the book now match your memory of it in terms of both content and enjoyment?
  • Do you think a middle schooler (the target reading audience) today would have the same reaction as a middle schooler 40 years ago? Does the book transcend its time?

Section 2 – Characters

  • What did you think of Meg as a character? Did you like her? How about Charles Wallace?
  • What are your thoughts on the role that Calvin plays both in the plot, and in relation to Meg? Does his presence push the boundaries of gender expectations or reinforce them?
  • Mr. and Mrs. Murry are never given full names in the book....why do you think that is?
  • What are Mrs. Who, Whatsit, and Which....and The Happy Medium?

Section 3 - Themes and Content

  • Some feel that A Wrinkle In Time is a Christian book or even allegory in some ways. Did you see Christian storytelling in the story? Do you think a reader in 1962 would have seen these elements?
  • AWiT seems to both celebrate and vilify intelligence – The parents are great innovative scientists, Meg is science-smart, etc, yet IT is portrayed as a giant brain. Did you think the book was pro- or anti- intellectualism?
  • Conformity vs individuality seems to be a central theme in AWiT – how well did you think L'Engle did in handling that theme in the book?

Section 4 – Miscellania

  • For those who've seen the movie, how did you think it compared with the book? What did you think of some of the major differences (for example, no Sandy and Dennys)?
  • There are a wealth of additional books in L'Engle's universe. Have you or would you go further in reading both the follow up stories to AWiT and the related books?
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