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Binti & Binti: Home
By Nnedi Okorafor

Discussed January 2018

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  1. If you have read other works by Nnedi Okorafor, how do the “Binti” books compare? Have you noticed similar themes or motifs in her works?
  2. If you have not previously read any other works by Nnedi Okorafor, are you now interested in reading more?
  3. Do the “Binti” books have a “feminist agenda” or are they more widely applicable?
  4. What do Binti and Binti: Home seem to say about family/societal expectations versus personal life choices? How might this apply in an LGBTQ context?
  5. Binti sometimes admits that she wishes she could “go back” to un-do choices she’s made or actions she’s taken. What seems to be the author’s take on this?
  6. What do you think about Okorafor’s depiction of the Himba people – a traditionalist and isolationist culture producing an important and influential high-tech product (the astrolabes)?
  7. Binti: Home briefly introduces a transgendered character: Haifa, a friend at Oomza Uni. What is your opinion of this character and how she is portrayed in the story?
  8. What is your opinion of Okorafor’s ability to depict “believable” alien races?
  9. There seem to have been at least a couple of “close encounters” with alien races on Earth: the Meduse and the Zinariya. What’s your opinion on how successfully Okorafor has woven these “encounters” into the storyline?
  10. Both books include depictions of sophisticated “bio-tech”. Do you think they’re “believable” or “reasonable”?
  11. What is the edan (the “godstone”)? Is it just a MacGuffin (a device used to advance the plot); or does it have a wider meaning or application?
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