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Brain Plague
By Joan Slonczewski

Discussed July 2001

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Talking Points

  • Brain Plague garnered a mixed bag of reactions - much of which centered on expectations and whether they were met. What expectations did you bring to the book as a reader? Why did you have those expectations? Were expectations of action met? Wer expectations of thought experimentation met? Were expectations of social exploration met?
  • Brain Plague's central plot device - the micro-sentients - sparked much discussion. What did you think of the concept of these tiny sentients? What makes a creature sentient?
  • Sloczewski explores issues of morality and religion extensively in Brain Plague. What were some of the religious symbologies used? What about the concept of human host as deity? Would it frighten you or would it be cool to have a million worshipers with you always?
  • Social woes and political ideologies are examined through the different micro-cultures and the macro-world around Chrys in Brain Plague. What does Slonczewski seem to be saying regarding various political systems? What does she seem to be saying regarding the price of freedom?
  • Chrys, the central character, is an artist. What does the evolution of her work say about the world of art? About the interplay between money and art? About the power of art to evoke change? About art and politics?

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