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The Children of Kings
By Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross

Discussed January 2015

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  1. Have you read any of the other Darkover books?
  2. This was started as MZB's health had stared to fail and she wanted to continue / finish established story lines. Did that happen for you? If so, what tie ins do you see to other novels?
  3. If you have not read the books did the novel stand on it own for you?
  4. There were several story threads here, did that work?
    • Adventures of Gareth in the Dry towns,
    • Romance with Rahelle
    • Dannilo and Linnea story (what was it saying?)
    • Return of Ktyestelli (did that work for you or was it too much?)
  5. There are at least 2 LGBT themes in the story. Did they seem real? How did they differ?
  6. What was the author saying about gender roles?
  7. What did the Cheri represent in terms of gender roles?
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