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By Stephen Leigh

Discussed March 2000

Buy Dark Water's Embrace

Discussion Questions

  1. In Dark Water's Embrace we're faced with a planetary ecology that prompts rapid genetic mutation. Does this effect show in the flora and fauna or just higher organisms?
  2. Are we given a scientific reason for the quick genetic shift? Was it believeable?
  3. The colony on Mictlan includes approximately 100 people. Is this a viable colony for long term survival?
  4. How do the colonists treat the "grumblers"? Is there a significant attitude shift as more evidence points to the fact that the "grumblers" are the descendents of the recently crumbled native culture?
  5. Do you see parallels between the attitudes of the colonists towards the "grumblers" and the attitudes of the first contact team towards the first natives they discover in The Sparrow?
  6. How do the colonists treat Anais? Is there a significant attitude shift as more evidence points to the fact that she holds a key to the survival of the colony?
  7. In the human colony, the author has presented a situation where each person is truly and distinctly different due to the genetic shift. Does this culture of difference enhance the humans' ability to embrace "the other"?
  8. Would a gay, lesbian or bisexual person have a significant effect on the viability of the colony? Are the colony leaders justified in their position against homosexuality?
  9. There is an underlying mysticism to the early scene with the native we later see as a corpse. Does a sense of mysticism drive any other parts of the story? Does it seem like a guiding hand has produced just the right genetic mutation in Anais? Did this add or detract from the story for you?

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