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Daughter of Mystery
By Heather Rose Jones

Discussed February 2017

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Abridged Dramatis Personae

The protagonists:
Margerit Sovitre
Barbara Lumbeirt

Their relations and household:
Mauriz Fulpi
Honurat Fulpi
Nikule Fulpi
Bertrut Sovitre
Charul Pertinek
Rene LeFevre
Marziel Lumbeirt, Baron Saveze
Estefel Chazillen
Elisebet “Bezza” Fulpi (d.)
Elisebet “Lissa” Arpik (d.)
Efrans Arpik (d.)

The royals:
Prince Aukust
Princess Elisebet
Aukustin “Chustin”
Annek, Duchess of Maunberg
Conrad, Duke of Maunberg

Also at court:
Jeanne de Cherdillac

The Guild of Saint Atelpirt:
Iakup Choriaz
Filip Amituz
Iohennis Lutoz
Ainis Nantoz
Iosifin Reznik
Antuniet Chazillen
Akezze Mainus
Mihail Salun

Other students of note:
Amiz Waldimen
Cheristien Riumai
Verunik Felix

At Saint Orisul’s:
The Mother Abbess
Sister Anna
Sister Petrunel (formerly)


  1. Did you finish the book?
  2. Did you like the book?
  3. What genre would you assign to Daughter of Mystery? Is it a romance, a fantasy, or something else entirely? How does it conform to (or flummox) your genre expectations?
  4. What did you think of the religious-based magical system? Were you able to clearly understand how it worked? Did it remind you of magical systems in any other works, or did you find it unique?
  5. How convincing was Alpennia to you as a real society with its own distinct customs and mores? Did its vague geographical location bother you, or do you feel you have a clear picture of where it fits into Europe?
  6. How did you feel about the depiction of queer culture within Alpennia, particularly the circle surrounding Jeanne de Cherdillac?
  7. Did you find the chemistry between Margerit and Barbara convincing? Did the power imbalance between the leads affect your perception of their romance?
  8. Did you find the characters in general sympathetic? Were any of the secondary characters particularly compelling to you, or did you find them lacking in depth?
  9. What did you think of the pacing of the book? Were there parts you found more or less interesting, or aspects you wish the author had spent more or less time developing?
  10. Were you surprised by the twist at the end about Barbara’s identity? Did you find it satisfying?
  11. Are you interested in reading the sequels?
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