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Dead Until Dark
By Charlaine Harris

Discussed February 2009

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Cast of Major Characters


Sookie Stackhouse – Telepathic Waitress at Merlotte’s
Jason Stackhouse – Sookie’s Brother
Adele Stackhouse – Sookie’s Grandmother
Sam Merlotte – Sookie’s Boss
Lafayette Reynolds – Cook at Merlotte’s
Tara Thornton – Bartender at Merlotte’s
Arlene Fowler – Waitress at Merlotte’s
Rene Lenier – Jason’s Coworker & Arlene’s Fiancé
Hoyt Fortenberry – Jason’s Coworker
Sheriff Bud Dearborne
Detective Andy Bellefleur


Bill Compton – Sookie’s Boyfriend
Eric Northman – Sherriff of Vampires in Area 5
Pam – Eric’s Business Partner
Longshadow – Bouncer at Eric’s Bar
Chow – Bouncer at Eric’s Bar

Topics of Conversation

  1. Universe Building
    1. Borrowing from old mythology
    2. Creating new mythology
  2. Writing
    1. Technical
    2. Style
    3. Horror
    4. Mystery
  3. Themes
    1. Love
    2. Death
    3. Family (biological and other)
    4. Hate
    5. Phobia
    6. Murder
    7. Acceptance
  4. Reading Experience
    1. Enjoyment
    2. Annoyment
  5. Comparisons
    1. Other seven Sookie Stackhouse Books
    2. HBO’s True Blood
    3. Other Vampire Books – Vicky Nelson, Anita Blake, etc.
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