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The Dunwich Horror
By H.P. Lovecraft

Discussed October 2001

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  1. Lovecraft has been getting his due as a writer (from the mainstream literary establishment) only recently. As a result he is still a somewhat mysterious figure and not understood figure. There is much speculation on his influences and one editor noted an impression (mistaken in that editor's view) that he might have been Gay.
    1. Looking at The Dunwich Horror - can one find any gay or gender content?
    2. In your opinion can there be a gay sensibility to the horror genre? What examples can we look at?

  2. What techiques does Lovecraft use to build the atmosphere of terror in the Dunwich Horror? How can you compare his style to those of other masters of the genre like Poe, or modern horror writers like Stephen King?
  3. In the edition which I used (the edition pictured above) - the editor compared The Dunwich Horror to At The Mountains Of Madness and noted that one work created a mythos based on supernatural concepts while the other debunked the mythos previously created and invents a Science Fictionesque myhtos instead.
    1. For those who read At The Mountains Of Madness would you agree?
    2. What exactly is the mythos created in The Dunwich Horror? What kind of a universe can you gleam from it?
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