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The Enchantment Emporium
By Tanya Huff

Discussed September 2010

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The Gales

  • Alysha “Allie” Catherine Gale – our protagonist
  • Charlotte “Charlie” Gale – Allie’s cousin/friend/lover
  • David Gale – Allie’s brother
  • Roland/Dmitri/Richard/Evan/Kevin – Gale Boys/Men
  • Carrie/Ashley/Marie//Katie/Holly – Gale Girls
  • Jane/Ruth/Ruby/Muriel/Mary/Ellen/Brianna/Meredith/Elsa/Grace/ Gwen/Carol/Bea/Christie/Kay – Gale “Aunties”
  • Gran – possibly dead (a Gale “Auntie”)
  • Grandad – sometimes antlered, bound patriarch


  • Michael – Will to Allie’s Grace
  • Brian – his boyfriend, possibly a cheating asshole
  • Joe O’Hallon – a leprechaun
  • Graham – reporter, sorceror’s handyman, Allie’s potential mate
  • Stanley Kalynchuk – sorcerer
  • Adam/Ryan/Viktor/etc – the Dragon Lords
  • Jack – the Dragon Lord/Sorceror Child


  1. Did you like the book? Why or why not? What elements did you find particularly good/bad?
  2. The Gale Family is a bit of a sprawling chaotic thing, with hints of its long-term presence in human history. What did you think of the use of the mysterious family as a story element and how well did Huff craft a world in which their presence made sense? Do you think there are other “Gale Families” out there in the world she posits?
  3. One judge for the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards used the phrase “a hint of bisexuality” in describing the book. How prominent did you feel that sexuality – particularly alternative sexuality – was in the book?
  4. One aspect of the sexuality issue is the rather blatant incestuousness of the Gales. Did this bother you at all? Did it bother anyone in the story?
  5. Magic, and the Fae, and mythical creatures and other worlds are all prominent features in the book. Did you feel that there was any consistency to the way these elements were used? Did you get a sense of a system of magic or an ecology of worlds/creatures? Or did it seem to be haphazard?
  6. Huff never seems to shy away from pop culture references, and this book is no different. Did the frequent use (some might suggest overuse) of in jokes and pop culture references add or detract from the story in any way? Did they fit with the characters who used them? Do you think the book will read differently in twenty years because of them?
  7. Tanya Huff is the author with the most books read by the LSF book discussion group, and she’s created quite a universe of work. Have you read other Huff works and did you find this more/less interesting than those other works? Do you get any sense that her works might tie together into a larger universe (particularly her four different series of urban fantasies and the stand alone novels which are also urban fantasies)?
  8. What question did I miss? Was there something in reading the book that you noted that you wanted to talk about that isn’t covered by the previous questions?
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