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Enter the Aardvark
By Jessica Anthony

Discussed March 2021

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  1. Did you finish the book? Did you like it?
  2. What did you think of the second-person narration in the contemporary story?
  3. Did you think that the interweaving of the two stories from different time periods was cohesive?
  4. What did you think of the aardvark as a device to drive the story?
  5. What did you think of the character of Alexander Paine Wilson? Does the character have any redeeming qualities?
  6. By the end of the book, has Wilson fundamentally changed at all?
  7. What's the significance of taxidermy to the themes of the book?
  8. What parallels are there between the characters of Titus Downing and Alexander Wilson?
  9. What's the significance of eyes to the story? Why the "focus" on them? Cow's eyes, protruding eyes, the aardvark's human eyes, the eyeless ghost of Richard Ostlet?
  10. How different are the two same-sex relationships in the book? How do the four characters parallel each other?
  11. What's the significance of the ghost? Are Greg Tampico and Richard Ostlet ghosts? Alive? Something else?
  12. What did you think of the endings for the two main characters?
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