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Finder: Voice
By Carla Speed McNeil

Discussed July 2011

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  • Rachel Grosvenor, our protagonist
  • Lynne, Rachel's sibling
  • Marcie, Rachel's sibling
  • Jaeger, a Finder who was also Emma's boyfriend
  • Emma, Rachel's mother
  • Lord Rodzhina, the Llaverac clan judge
  • Brom, a friend of Jaeger's
  • The Man with the Crooked Fingers, a former associate of Jaeger's


  1. Did you like the book? Why or why not?
  2. Rachel is a supporting character from previous Finder comics that becomes a protagonist in what ended up the first volume published by Dark Horse; aside from her family, all of the characters were new to her (regardless of past appearances in previous stories). Did she work for you as a protagonist? Is her transformation over the course of the story believable to you?
  3. Finder: Voice is set in the city-state of Anvard, a mixture of future technologies and throwbacks to the past. Did you find the location interesting? Believable? Are there any places that stood out?
  4. The Llaverac clan all resemble women regardless of their actual gender, with several characters slipping between gender pronouns and identity throughout the book. Did you find what we saw of their place in Anvard society realistic?
  5. Much of the book is connected to Rachel's attempt to make it through the Llaverac clan selection. As Finder: Voice progresses, we learn more about the process (Lord Rodzhina's giving out clan rings, Rachel's inability to pick herself out of the lineup, the prizes at the end). What was your final impression of the clan confirmation process?
  6. Finder: Voice is a book about trying to find a character that never actually appears. Did you get a feel for Jaeger's character despite his absence? Do you think the book's ending works for better or for worse with his non-arrival?
  7. The fourth section of Finder: Voice moves Rachel through a dream-like sequence, inspired by a mixture of Native American cultures and voodoo. In her footnotes, McNeil refers to this as the "femme fatale" stage and notes that most people seem to skip this phase. What did you feel about this portion of the book? How much or little in control is Rachel?
  8. How did you feel about the resolution of Finder: Voice? Did you find it satisfying? Was Rachel's trade with Chief Coward's Ascian tribe a fair one?
  9. McNeil uses her visuals as a critical piece of storytelling, not just as illustrations. Moments like Rachel being "hugged" by the memory of Jaeger early in the book, followed by being given his jacket at the end of the book, are told strictly through her drawings, not through narration or dialogue. Did you like this type of storytelling, or did you find it hard to follow?
  10. McNeil offers up a series of footnotes/annotations to her book at the end, like a director's commentary. Did you read these? Did they change your opinion of the book? Why or why not?
  11. Would you read other volumes of Finder from McNeil?
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