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Ghost Spin
By Chris Moriarty

Discussed January 2014

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  1. The author quotes Turring regularly, is Cohen Turing and references Ada Lovelace? Who were they?
  2. How does the author describe the shunt Cohen is using before his suicide?
  3. How would label Cohen and Li sexuality? Leweilan seduction why is it a problem?
  4. The virus effecting the AI’s is this an HIV parable?
  5. What are the differences and roles of the trans humans and post humans. Who are they?
  6. If Li is not human then what is she?
  7. What is a constuct?
  8. What makes Cohen different from the other AI emergents.
  9. Router Decomposer what is his relationship with Li and Cohen? Partner, sibling, child?
  10. Perception of time AI verses human
  11. Jewish themes ghetto, minority, Kabalistic mysticism, a very Jewish book
  12. What are the differences between Catherine and Kaitlynn? Why?
  13. What are the differences between the Cohen ghosts, why?
  14. How is Cohen different from the AELF members?
  15. Memory palace what is it and why is it important?
  16. Author has an AI say we are memory. Li has lost her memory.
  17. Why can some AI kill and others go insane?
  18. Themes AI, cloning, entanglement, Big data: the latest science buzz does the detail help the book?
  19. Difference between the UN and Syndicates? Humans enhanced echnically verses humans enhanced biologically. Who is winning? How has the drift war changes both?
  20. Drift, why control it?
  21. Why are the colonies supposed to fail, is this realistic?
  22. The social structure is hierarchical with little social mobility with one exception?
  23. Was the ending satisfying?
  24. Which character would you be?
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