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Glory Season
By David Brin

Discussed April 2014

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  • Where and when is Renna from?
  • What was Lysos goal for creating Stratos?  Was she a separatist?
  • How were the humans modified?
  • How was the society changed?
  • How is technology managed?
  • What does Renna think about Lysos?
  • What is Renna supposed to accomplish?  The ice ships? How does Renna justify it?
  • How would you characterize the Renna – Maia relationship?
  • How is it different to her relationship with Brod?
  • What does Brod’s story say Stratos?
  • What was Odo’s relationship with Renna?
  • Stratos is under stress, what are the signs and why?
  • What are the Perkinites and how are they different from the Orthodox?
  • What is the problem the Perkinites have in Long Valley and what do the ruins represent?
  • What is the agenda for the Rads?
  • What does Maia mean when she mentions the clone boom and bust cycle?
  • What is the role of the Game of Life in the story?
  • In what ways does the plan of Lysos reinforce the plan biologically and socially?
  • What kind of parents were the Lamia?  What was bad and what was good?
  • How do mothers feel about var children? The Brill, Lamia, the Starkland? Why?
  • Who were the Kings and the Guardians?  What was the real story?
  • What will Maia choose to do in the end?  Zeppelin pilot, clone line, Bron?
  • Did Renna sacrific himself and why?
  • Does the authors, as a man realistically represent gender issues?  Same gender relationships, female competition?
  • Was Stratos a just society? 
  • Was it a growing society?
  • What was the theme of the book?


  • Renna offworlder representative from the Phylum
  • Maia var twin
  • Leie var twin
  • Brod young seaman friend of the twins
  • Naroin clone from policewoman clan
  • Kiel var radical
  • Thalla var radical
  • Cy computer on Renna’s ship
  • Lysos scientist biologist / sociologist lead the founding of Stratos


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