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God's War
By Kameron Hurley

Discussed June 2012

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Dramatis Personae:

Nyx's team:

  • Nyxnissa so Dasheem
  • Tej (deceased)
  • Anneke so Sabah
  • Khos Khadija
  • Taite il Parait
  • Rhys Dashasa (aka Rakhshan Arjoomand)

Their families:

  • Kine so Daseem
  • Inaya il Parait
  • Mahdesh
  • Abdul-Nasser Arjoomand

Their contacts:

  • Husayn
  • Bashir so Saud
  • Shajin so Khadeeja
  • Ashana Yumn
  • Damira Bahadur
  • Haj
  • Mahrokh al Afshin

Their enemies:

  • Fatima Kosan
  • Rasheeda so Kraj
  • Dahab so Batir
  • Luce so Janan
  • Raine al Alharazad
  • Jaks

The magicians:

  • Yah Reza
  • Yah Tayyib

The royal court:

  • Queen Zaynab sa Boliard
  • Kasbah so Sabah

The aliens:

  • Danika Chaba
  • Solome Hadar
  • Keran Yarkona
  • Nikodem Jordan


  1. Did you finish the book? Have you read the sequel?
  2. Did you like the book? Why or why not?
  3. Did you find any of the characters sympathetic? If so, which ones? If not, did this affect your enjoyment of the book?
  4. God's War takes a very minimal approach to exposition. Did you enjoy diving head-first into the world, or did you find yourself feeling lost? Were there any key details about the characters or the setting that you felt like you missed?
  5. God's War has magicians and spaceships, shape-shifters and biotechnology. Is it fantasy or science fiction? Does it matter?
  6. Did you find the far-future extrapolation of real-world religions interesting? Irreverent? Believable? Appropriative? Would you have preferred for the book to have erred more on the side of fictionalization--or for it to have gone the other way and been less coy about identifying the religions by name?
  7. All of Umayma's nations take very different--and in many cases extreme--approaches to gender roles. Did you find the various cultures believable? Was there anything about the exploration of gender roles that made you uncomfortable?
  8. How did you feel about Nyx and Rhys's relationship? How does it play with traditional gender roles and expectations?
  9. In Nasheen, women sleeping with other women is de rigueur due to the shortage of men. Do you read these women, particularly Nyx, as bi, or as something else? Is it meaningful to apply modern identification categories?
  10. How did you feel about the book's handling of LGBT issues more generally?
  11. Did you find the ending satisfying?
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