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By Sheri Tepper

Discussed June 2000

Buy Grass

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you consider Sheri Tepper's books as feminist science fiction? If there is a feminist theme, is it overwhelming?
  2. Sheri Tepper is known primarily not for Grass and Shadow's End, but for her Awakeners and Marianne series. Any comments?
  3. Carl commented that he thought that the dominant galactic religion, Sanctity, reminded him of Mormonism. Do you agree?
  4. Any GLBT content? Other than the passing reference that some of the Green Men liked young boys....
  5. Compare Marjorie Westriding's life on Terra --- assisting illegals in Breedertown with aid that really doesn't help them -- with her life on Grass. She was no longer able to fulfill her role as "Mother Theresa" on Grass, but yet her husband Rigo was able to bring his mistress Eugenie along to Grass. How would you compare or contrast the double-standards for women on Terra vs. Grass? How do you assess Rowena bon Damfels' role as an Obermum for an estancia on Grass?
  6. Did you prefer the information discovery part of Grass at the beginning or the more action/adventure part closer to the end? Why?
  7. Did you agree with Marjorie Westriding's assessment of the foxen --- that the foxen were too philosophical and "no action" Would you fault the foxen, which are sentient beings, for not preventing the Hippae from destroying the Arbai race?
  8. How did the relationship between Marjorie Westriding and Sylvan bon Damfels impact you? Was there any surprise when Sylvan was killed?
  9. What did you think of the ending? Marjorie kisses off her unattentive husband and decides to settle down with her foxen lover. Was her decision a mistake or was she indeed truly liberated from her Sanctity-oriented lifestyle?

Short Story Discussion

We experimented with discussing a short story from the anthology "Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction" with each of our book discussions for a few months.

Discussion Questions for Time Gypsy by Ellen Klages

  1. Dr. Carol McCullough goes back in time and meets her childhood dream, Dr. Sara Baxter Clarke. Carol risks violating the immutable law of tempokinetics by revealing the truth to Sara -- that she is a time traveler from 1995? Is history actually changed by what happens in the end (Carol stays behind in the past)?
  2. Great GLBT content -- the police raid at the Doll's House bar in the boondocks of San Mateo County, CA, left Carol with a guilty plea of sex offender. How does Carol's "consciousness raising" from the bar raid impact her decision not to return to her present but rather stay in the past with Sara, her true love?
  3. Carol chooses to screw her boss Chambers back in 1995 through a clever time travel trick that we've all seen before. Do you think that Ellen Klages succeeded in developing an interest-maintaining short story?

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