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Gumshoe Gorilla
By Keith Hartman

Discussed January 2002

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  1. The future according to Keith Hartman. While Gumshoe Gorilla has a comedic tone the world of the near future Hartman creates, its history as far as gay people are concerned, has its darker side.
    1. What do you think of his vision of what happens to gay youth when the gay gene is discovered i.e. the mass abandonment of gay kids in the early 21th century?
    2. What do you think about the formation of powerful political parties centered around religious bigotry or Native American separatism?
    3. How realistic or probable are these developments?

  2. The Characters. The focus of this book (as opposed to The Gumshoe, Witch and Virtual Corpse) seems to be more on Drew the Gumshoe and his partner Jen, the psychic.
    1. What more do we learn (or not) about these characters that you find interesting-for example about Drew and his family background?
    2. What do you think of Jen and her relationship with Drew, Drew's relationship with Daniel?
    3. Would you date either Drew or Jen?
    4. Is Daniel believable as a character?

  3. Compare the styles of The Gumshoe, the Witch and the Virtual Corpse and Gumshoe Gorilla.
    1. How would you say the writer's style is similar or different in the sequel?
    2. Which did you enjoy more and why?
    3. What would like to see in a third Gumshoe book in style, character or development or plot?
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