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Love and Rockets: Maggie the Mechanic
By Jaime Hernandez

Discussed September 2009

Buy Love and Rockets: Maggie the Mechanic from
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Main Characters:

Maggie Chascarrillo — a sometimes mechanic
Hopey Glass — Maggie's best friend and punk rocker
Race Rand — world-famous mechanic
Penny Century — on-again, off-again girlfriend of H.R. Costigan and wanna-be superhero
Isabel "Izzy" Ortiz Reubens — writer, witch, possibly crazy
H.R. Costigan — billionaire with horns
Rena Titanon — revolutionary, former pro-wrestler
Casey — A mysterious man hiding in H.R. Costigan's mansion


  1. Did you like the book?
  2. Maggie the Mechanic collects the first five years of Jaime Hernandez's "Locas" stories. Do you feel Hernandez's craft as a storyteller changes in that time? If so, how? Do you think the stories work together as a collection, or would be better read in bits and pieces (as originally serialized)?
  3. A recent hardcover collection of Jaime Hernandez's "Locas" stories excluded some of Maggie the Mechanic's earliest stories, starting directly with Maggie and Race's trip to Zimbodia. Do you feel this was a good choice? Why or why not?
  4. The science-fiction elements of Maggie the Mechanic (robots, dinosaurs, crashed space ships, superheroes) slowly fade over the course of time. Do you think this was a good decision?
  5. Maggie's three main stories (the trip to Zimbodia, 100 Rooms, and the trip to Rio Frio) all place her in peril and in potential need of rescue. Do you think these stories made her a strong or weak character? Are there any you wanted to see more or less of?
  6. What do you think about Maggie and her potential romantic relationships in the book? (Race, Hopey, Casey) Did you approve of any of her choices in that arena? Did her relationship decisions make you like or dislike her?
  7. Maggie and Hopey's status remains undefined for the first half of the book, and even then is somewhat nebulous. Based solely on the contents of Maggie the Mechanic, what would you say their relationship is?
  8. Some of the stories in Maggie the Mechanic touch on the other characters (Izzy as author in "How to Kill A _______ by Isabel Reubens," Hopey's spray paint days in "Locas Starring Hopey," some of Izzy's past in "Locos," Penny's love life in "Penny Century on th' Road Ag'in"). Did you like these stories? Did you want to see more of the other characters's lives?
  9. Did you like Jaime Hernandez's art? Is there any aspect or time period that you like more or less than the others?
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