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By Noelle Stevenson

Discussed August 2016

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Main Characters

  • Nimona: Ballister's self-appointed sidekick and shapeshifter
  • Lord Ballister Blackheart: The biggest name in supervillainy
  • Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin: Ballister's nemesis
  • The Director of the Institute of Law Enforcements and Heroics


  1. Did you finish the book? Did you like it?
  2. All three of the major characters (Nimona, Blackheart, Goldenloin) are not without faults. Did you like some or all of them? Who, if anyone, is the villain of Nimona?
  3. The world of Nimona at a glance is a medieval fantasy world, but one which quickly has futuristic technology embedded throughout it. Did you find this mashing of genres believable/enjoyable?
  4. One of the themes of Nimona is the forcing of people into categories and stereotypes, and their struggles in being boxed into those titles. How do you think the book handles this?
  5. In SFWA Bulletin #208, Noelle Stevenson was asked for her favorite reaction to the novel. Her response was, "A kid in New York pulled me aside and asked if Ballister and Goldenloin were 'romantical.' I told him yes and I really hope it was the answer he was looking for." How did you feel about their relationship within the book?
  6. Noelle Stevenson originally created Nimona as a two-page story (the entirety of the first chapter), then as an online, serialized web comic before it was collected into a single volume. Do you feel the story flows smoothly?
  7. Nimona is mostly drawn in a deliberately comedic manner, from Nimona's shape-shifting choices to the reactions of characters. Would you have liked this book more or less if drawn in a different style from start to finish? What did you think about the shift in the artistic depictions of Nimona in the final chapters of the book once she's captured by the Institute?
  8. Would you read any future books by Stevenson?
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