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Queer Fear II
Edited By Michael Rowe

Discussed October 2003

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  1. What was your favorite story? Why?
  2. What was your least favorite story? Why?
  3. As a whole, how well did the anthology work together? Did the stories fit the theme of the anthology? Did they flow together well? Did any story/ies stand out as jarringly different?
  4. A majority of the authors in the anthology are Canadian authors, do you think this had an effect on how well an American audience could connect to the stories?
  5. Did the anthology accomplish its goal of providing "gay horror fiction"? What *is* "gay horror fiction"?
  6. Two of the stories involved lesbians. How did this compare with your expectations from the title? The cover? The table of contents?
  7. Specific Stories: Night of the Werepuss - This story was one of the finalists for the "Best Short Fiction" Gaylactic Spectrum Award. How well did this story fit with the rest of the anthology? Did the author succeed with the combination of humor and horror he was trying for?
  8. Specific Stories: Polyphemus' Cave - This story was one of the finalists for the "Best Short Fiction" Gaylactic Spectrum Award. Why do you think the judges selected this story as a finalist? What elements in the story worked for you as a reader? Were there any things that bothered you about the story?
  9. Specific Stories: On Being A Fetish - Who or what was the horror in this story? Did you find this story unusual? Satisfying?
  10. Themes: Two of the most prominent/recurring themes in the stories in Queer Fear II are obsessive/destructive love (Bugcrush, Black Shapes in a Darkened Room, Want, I Stand Alone for example) and hiding ourselves (Gaytown, Polyphemus' Cave, One of the Boys, Til Human Voices Wake Us for example). Talk about how well those themes work as horror themes, and how well the authors succeeded in using them.
  11. The Almost Absent Theme: AIDS makes only a brief appearance in the anthology. Did this surprise you?
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