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Ready Player One
By Ernest Cline

Discussed February 2014

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  1. Did you read the book?
  2. Did you like the book?
  3. Did you understand the '80s references? If any flew over your head, what were they, and did not getting them reduce your enjoyment?
  4. Was the main character relatable to you? Would you have found them less relatable if you didn't have the '80s background?
  5. Was there LGBTQ content? Was Aech's gender reveal necessary? Would anything have been different if Aech had been male? Would anything have been different if Art3mis had been male?
  6. Have you played a similar type game? How does Oasis compare to Second Life? To EVE Online? To Everquest/WoW/GW? To MUDs?
  7. Give yourself one point for each of these activities you've partaken of. How many points out of seventeen did you get? What else could have been included in this list?
    • Played D&D
    • Played the specific D&D module from the book
    • One point for having played each:
      • Tempest
      • Joust
      • Pac-Man
      • Zork
      • Robotron 2084
      • Adventure
    • One point for having seen each:
      • Voltron
      • Ultraman
      • Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot
      • Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
      • Family Ties
    • One point for having used each:
      • Atari 2600
      • TRS-80
      • PDP 100
      • Commodore 64
  8. The founders are arguably similar to Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. Are there other characters who had close-to-real-world analogs?
  9. In the '80s, the art-book Masquerade had a similar premise (and other examples exist): a real-world hidden treasure, with clues contained within the book's content. Ready Player One did this as well (and the prizes have already been discovered and claimed); what do you think of this mechanic?
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