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Sandman: The Doll's House
By Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg, and Malcolm Jones III

Discussed July 2008

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  1. Did you like the book? Did you like the art?
  2. Have you read a comic book/graphic novel before? If not, did you find this easy or hard to follow? Did it meet your expectations of what to find in a comic book?
  3. Would you call Dream or Rose Walker the protagonist of The Doll's House? Which of them do you think was more proactive in moving the plot forward? Did you like either of them?
  4. The Doll's House has a lot of different stories being told; Nada's story, Hob's story, the cereal convention, the fake Sandman, the people in the boarding house, Desire & Despair's schemes, and Rose's family. Did any stand out for you? Do you think they all fit together? Do any not belong? Why or why not?
  5. Early in the story, Dream notes that as a Vortex, "sooner or later [Rose'll] attract the stray dreams to her — or she'll be drawn to them." Did you buy that as a device for moving the story forward, or did it feel forced?
  6. Twenty years ago, The Sandman was Neil Gaiman's first attempt to write a monthly comic. Do you think the chapters/issues work well as individual installments? Is the book helped or hindered by its original serialization?
  7. There are a number of LGBT characters in The Doll's House: Hal, Chantal, Zelda, the Corinthian, and Desire. How did you feel about their portrayals? Would the story have been different if some or all of them had been straight? Should/shouldn't they have been?
  8. Sandman: The Doll's House is the second volume of stories from The Sandman comic book series. However, it was also the first collected edition released by DC Comics, with the reasoning being that it was a better introduction to the series (along with the foreword explaining what came before). Did you feel lost? Or was this a good place to begin? Do you want to read more?
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