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Sea Dragon Heir
By Storm Constantine

Discussed February 2003

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  1. Siblings come in matched sets in SEA DRAGON HEIR: Valraven and Pharinet, Khaster and Merlan, Baynard and Varencienne. What similarities and differences do these three sets have, both individually and compared to the other sets of siblings? Are any of them truly interchangeable with each other? Are all necessary to the plot?
  2. SEA DRAGON HEIR shifts its third-person perspective halfway through the book. Why? Do you think it is successful?
  3. The Magravandias are clearly painted to be the "bad guys" at the start of the novel. As you learn more about them and the people of Caradore, did your impression of them change? Who did you feel by the end of the book are the "heroes" or "villains" of the novel?
  4. Caradore and Magravandias could be thought of as "old" and "new". What do you think Storm Constantine is trying to say about ancient traditions? Do you agree with her message?
  5. The lands of Caradore and Magrast have differing attitudes towards GLBT sexuality. Did this change your opinions of them and the characters from those lands as well?
  6. One of the most controversial parts of SEA DRAGON HEIR is Valraven and Pharinet's incestuous relationship. Their relationship enters the taboo zone twice--early on in the book, and then again at the halfway point. Why do you think Constantine revisits this touchy subject a second time? Do you think it is portrayed the same or differently the second time? How did you feel about this aspect of their characters? Do you think that Constantine is condemning or accepting of this relationship?
  7. This is the first novel in a trilogy (The Chronicles of Magravandias); do you think it stands well on its own? Does it make you want to read more?
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