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Silver Moon
By Catherine Lundoff

Discussed October 2021

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The Pack: 20 or so members in all
Becca Thornton – newly divorced, newly menapausal
Erin Adams – Beta, Becca’s neighbor and love interest
Shelly Peterson – Alpha
Mrs Hui
Carly Simpson
Gladys Sherman - neighbor
Amelia Rodriguez

Werewolf hunters:
Annie – was Sara, killed Margaret (old Alpha) and fled Wolf’s Point
Scott – ex-wolf boy
Garcia – gunman
Anderson – uber leader of slayers

Ed Thornton - Becca’s ex and girlfriend, Christy
Lizzy Blackhawk - deputy sheriff and friend of pack. Too young to be in it. Shelly’s cousin
Pete owner of hardware store and Shelly’s husband
Kira – Pete and Shelly’s daughter who helps out
Sheriff Henderson
Carlos – Molly’s partner
Jason – associated with Carlos


  1. Did you finish the book? Did you like the book? Why or why not?
  2. There are three big things happening to Becca all at once. What are they and how do they contribute to the story?
  3. Did Becca’s first change into a werewolf surprise you? Why or why not? How did the author foreshadow it? Or did the dustcover writeup spoil it for you?
  4. Romance question. Did Becca’s slow “coming out” and evolving attractions to Erin seem believable? Too much, or realistic? Were the many references to chills and hot flashes throughout the book annoying or humorous?
  5. Speaking of humor. How did the author use humor in the book? Did you enjoy it? My favorite was the comment on the library having lots of lesbian werewolf-themed romances and thinking about checking out the librarian. (pg. 149) Did you have a favorite?
  6. This is a werewolf book. What kind of werewolves are the women of Wolf’s Point? Do they operate by the standard werewolf rulebook? How did the author lay the groundwork for making a believable werewolf? Was it believable? What other kinds of werewolves are in the book?
  7. Pack behavior. How much should werewolf packs be like wolf packs? Does this author’s pack rules make sense or do you have another vision about WWs? Did you think Annie should be alpha after she killed Margaret?
  8. Early in the book, the pack found out that the Slayers were back. (This is the second time they have been to Wolf’s Point) What did they do the last time they were in town. Did it feel like the pack’s reaction was too gentle? How about this time. They are werewolves after all and with a town literally behind them, so why don’t they just go kill the intruders? Are there other books that have a coordinated pack of werewolves?
  9. What did you think of the history of Wolfs point with Indians and settlers, the first woman mayor in the country? How does this help the story? How did the loss of the Women’s Center hurt the pack? Did it make sense that they would fall back on an even older center?
  10. When Becca turns, wolf takes over but then her human brain surges forward as in chapt 6 when she rescues the boy. Does this Jekyll/Hyde work for you?
  11. In Ch 14 at the full moon pack run, Becca acts on her own and disobeys Shelly’s orders. She gets shot, then wakes up in the hospital and gets chewed out. Does Becca learn her lesson?
  12. The Kiss - pg 154. In the middle of their fighting. Did it surprise you? Did you expect more?
  13. Question about the cure and the methods used by the slayers. P210. What are the consequences of the cure?  We find out later (pg. 229) that an ingredient is wolfsbane, also called monk’s hood and it is poisonous in real life. Did this bother anyone or is The Lore enough to gloss over it?
  14. Does Annie’s commando group make sense? Do we need to know how it is supported financially or otherwise? Annie’s goals seem clear (revenge and eliminate werewolves though drugs) so who is Anderson and how does he play into Annie’s game? Does this feel a little like gay conversion therapy? What do you think? Becca is constantly wondering if she can go back to being “normal” so....
  15. In the middle of the book, Becca commits to her new fate as a pack member and agrees to go find Shelly, then has second thoughts and desires to be “normal” again. Did you take these to be real or pretend for the remainder of the book?
  16. The end. What did you think about the big battle near the end invoking the shadow drawings on the cave? How did Becca, the newby wolf, know the final element of the magic Shelly, Erin, and she would have to perform? Did this seem like Deus Ex Machina? In the end, did Annie get what she deserved?
  17. How did you like the ending? Was it satisfying? Confusing? Did it wrap up the story? Did it make you think that there would be a second book?
  18. Would you consider this a “classic” horror story? Is this a story within the standard werewolf genome? Does it draw from other horror stories?
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