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Something More than Night
By Ian Tregillis

Discussed May 2015

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  1. Did you like the book? Why or why not?
    • What aspects did you enjoy most?
    • What aspects did you enjoy least?
  2. What other books that you've read did this most remind you of and why?
  3. Much of the book uses the slang, styling, and plot devices of noir fiction. Were you familiar with these elements before reading this story? Did they add or detract from your enjoyment?
  4. The novel is rather hard to characterize..... pastiche... fantasy.... science fiction.... parody..... something else entirely? How would you describe this book in one simple sentence?
  5. Much of the “mythology” and imagery of the angels and the Pleroma is from various aspects of Gnostic Christianity/Mysticism. Were you familiar with any of this mythology prior to reading this book? What did you think of his use of “Western”/”Christian” mythology?
  6. There were a lot of scientific, metaphysical, quantum mechanics, philosophy, and religious terms in this book, many of which might have been hard to understand even in context if you did not know the terms before. Did you at any point stop to research any of the terms or concepts?
  7. Much like many good noir stories, there was a twist...that moment of revelatory conflict (“hello Gabriel”). Did you feel that this fit the story? The style? Did Bayliss's identity surprise you?
  8. What were the “angels” and what is METATRON? Was this story closer to science fiction or fantasy and why do you feel that way?
  9. What did you think of the author's worldbuilding?
  10. Talk about your thoughts on the GLBT content in the story....
  11. Would you read other works by Ian Tregillis?
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