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By Guy Gavriel Kay

Discussed June 2001

Buy Wild Boys

Discussion Questions

  1. The General Questions:

    1. Did you like the book?
    2. Did you like the characters?
    3. Was there any character that you particularly did or did not relate to?
  2. The Gay Content Questions:

    1. The PFLAG question: How did you feel about the relationship between Sandre and Tomasso? How is this complicated by Sandre’s relationship with Catriana? Does showing characters that are conflicted about their children’s sexuality present a positive or negative image of gay people.
    2. The thematic closet question: How does the theme of people being punished by being robbed of their identity/voice/name resonance with a gay audience?
    3. The background question. Did you find the oblique references to background gay people (lesbian dancers) gay supportive or offensive?
  3. The Fantasy Questions:

    1. Did the world built by Kay seem plausible and consistent?
    2. Did the magic in the world make sense to you?
  4. The Comparison Questions:

    1. If you read the The Lions of Al-Rassan or any other books by Kay how does this book compare?
    2. Which book do you prefer?
    3. What do you think of the Finavir reference?
  5. The Fictional History Question:

    1. Many of Kay’s fantasy novels are based upon historical periods. Tigana could be seen as being based upon the wars of Italian nationalization. What do you think?
    2. Does such a reading enhance your experience reading Tigana?
  6. General Thematic Wrap-up Questions:

    1. What do you think about the role of fate in the novel?
    2. What do you think about the intersection of love/duty/obsession in the novel?
    3. Do you think the author is too mean to the characters?
  7. Bart’s Pissy Pet Peeve Questions:

    1. Why doesn’t Scelto tell who Rhun is?
    2. What do you make of the Riselka at the end and did it piss you off?

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