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By Holly Black

Discussed May 2008

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  1. Did you like the book? Why or why not?
  2. Holly Black has said that she "was teetering between considering Tithe a Young Adult novel or an adult novel." Does this show? How? Do you think it is more suited to be an adult novel?
  3. Tithe has been criticized for its depiction of "adult" themes, such as sex, drugs, and alcohol. Did you find these depictions realistic? Did it detract from or add to your experience of the novel?
  4. This book contains many elements that have become cliche in Young Adult fantasy — angst, outcast suddenly discovering a unique specialness, a beautiful, dangerous and tortured supernatural love interest. Did these clements feel cliche or were they something more?
  5. Tithe takes place largely in two settings — the grittily-depicted New Jersey shore and the dark and fantastical Unseelie Court. Many reviewers found these settings to be the most compelling part of the book. Do you agree? Did either of these locales work better for you? Why?
  6. Kaye can be difficult to like, coming across as shallow, thoughtless, and angst-ridden. Did this make her difficult to sympathize with, or merely flawed?
  7. Secondary characters in Tithe get verv little screen time. Who would vou have liked to see more fleshed out and why?
  8. The relationship between Roiben and Kaye evolves very suddenly. Did you find this believable? Did their relationship add anything to the story?
  9. The plot moves very quickly in Tithe. Did the pace seem rushed?
  10. There are two more novels set in the same world as Tithe, Valiant and Ironside. Having read Tithe, would you read these?
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