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Tremontaine Season One
By Ellen Kushner, et al.

Discussed January 2019

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The Academics

  • Rafe Fenton
  • Micah
  • Joshua,
  • The Doctors/Professors/Masters

The Kinwiinik

  • Kaab (Ixkaab)
  • Aunt Saabim (Ixsaabim)/Uncle Chuleb (Ahchuleb)
  • Ixmoe (deceased)
  • Other trading families

The Nobles

  • Diane, Duchess Tremontaine
  • William, Duke Tremontaine
  • Various Lords of the Council
  • Various Ladies and Hangers On

The Riversiders

  • Tess the Hand
  • Ben Hawke (deceased)
  • Vincent Applethorpe
  • Various Personages


  1. Did you read/finish the book? Did you like it? Why or why not?
  2. Tremontaine was originally serialized, with chapters being released weekly. How did you “read” the book? Serialized/Book/EBook/Audio? Do you think that the format had a significant impact on whether the book worked for you?
  3. The book was written by a number of authors – different authors for each chapter – yet told as a distinct story whole. Did the authorial voices mesh well? Did you feel the authors were all “on the same page” regarding the story? Were there authors that stood out?
  4. Is Tremontaine “genre” (fantasy for instance)? What elements make it a speculative work or what elements is it missing so that it is NOT a speculative work?
  5. There is an abundance of queer content in Tremontaine. Indeed the world of the “Riverside” books runs rampant with queerness. Can you point out any places where a same sex coupling was looked down upon because it was specifically a same-sex coupling?
  6. Sex itself is used in many ways in the book – as a tool, as a weapon, as a profession, as a comfort, as pleasure. Is this a representation of a sex-positive culture?
  7. Despite the liberal approach to sexuality and sex, gender roles seem strongly defined in the world of Riverside. Did that make sense? Did it surprise you at all?
  8. Riverside also seems to have fairly significant class borders. How do those play out against the more “open” stances on sexuality and the uses of sex?
  9. Micah definitely is portrayed as “on the spectrum”... do you think a person like Micah could truly survive and thrive in a world like Riverside? Was her story handled well?
  10. Did the issue of the chocolate trade work as the thread that the stories were woven around?
  11. How do you think *you* would fare in a world like Riverside?
  12. Had you read any of the previous Riverside works (Swordspoint, Privilege of the Sword, The Fall of Kings)? Do you think someone unfamiliar with those works would have a harder time reading Tremontaine? Are there things the author assumes you already know about this world?
  13. Would you read further seasons of Tremontaine and/or read the other books set in the world of Riverside? Why or why not?
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