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By Hal Duncan

Discussed September 2007

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  1. Did you like the book?
  2. What were the different plot lines?
  3. Who were the main characters?
  4. What archetypes were being used?
  5. What was the author's message? Was there none, one, or more?
  6. Did the structure of the book -- multiple plot lines woven together w/ minimal marking of point-of-view shifts -- work for you? Did it enhance the book in any way?
  7. Is a strong understanding of various mythologies essential for following the novel?
  8. Clearly, the author intended some of his characters to be the characters of myths from around the globe. Did the characters seem true to their source myths? Did they work as fully realized, novel characters within this framework?
  9. Matthew Shepard’s murder has a cameo (or 2) in the book. How do those scenes contribute to the plot? Is that historical moment truly relevant/meaningful to today’s typical reader? How well do the other historical moments in the book work?
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