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Women Writing Science Fiction As Men
Edited By Mike Resnick

Discussed February 2004

Buy Women Writing Science Fiction As Men


  1. There have been numerous comments about a perceived inconsistency of quality among stories in the anthologies we've previously discussed (e.g. Queer Fear II; Dark Matter). What is your opinion of the consistency of quality among the stories in this anthology?
  2. Do you have a "favorite" story in this anthology? (Or, if you're in a more negative frame of mind, is there a story you "disliked least"?) What do you like about this story? Do you have a "least-liked" story? (Or, if you're in a more positive frame of mind, a story you didn't like quite as much as the others?) Why do you feel this way about it?
  3. In his introduction to this anthology, editor Mike Resnick stated the following: "There were only two rules [for contributors]: first, each story had to be told in the first person of a man; and second, if changing the narrator from Victor to Victoria didn't invalidate the story we didn't want it." How strictly did Resnick adhere to these two rules? How did this affect your opinion of the anthology?
  4. What do the stories selected for this anthology say about gender roles and stereotypes? Does this reflect the preconceptions of the authors about "maleness" and "femaleness"? Is it a reflection of the editor's preconceptions?
  5. At least 3 lesbian authors have contributed works to this anthology. In light of this fact, what are your comments regarding the GLBT content of the anthology?
  6. Susan R. Matthews primarily writes long, complex novels. Thumping the Weaver is her first published short story. In your opinion, how well does Matthews make the transition from novel to short story?
  7. We have discussed stories which depict possible Fundamentalist-Reactionary dystopias in America (Dance for the Ivory Madonna, by Don Sakers; The Gumshoe, the Witch and the Virtual Corpse, by Keith Hartman). How well does Jennifer Roberson incorporate this theme into Jesus Freaks?

Additional Recommended Reading Material/Related Books:

Mike Resnick, editor: Men Writing Science Fiction as Women (DAW, 2003)
-- includes stories by M. Shayne Bell, Jack Dann, Nick DiChario, Scott Edelman, David Gerrold, Stephen Leigh, Barry Malzberg, Jack Nimersheim, Frank M. Robinson, Robert Sawyer, Robert Scheckley, and others

Susan R. Matthews: the "Jurisdiction Space" novels:
An Exchange of Hostages (1997)
Prisoner of Conscience (1998)
Hour of Judgment (1999)
Angel of Destruction (2001)
The Devil and Deep Space (2002)

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