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Recommended Reading List

Please note, the icons () and Lambda Rising icons () found with books for our lists lead to the least expensive standard editions available. All proceeds from books and items bought through our and Lambda Rising links support the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards!

Listings Are Alphabetical by Author.

The complete Lambda Sci-Fi Recommended Reading List is also available in a downloadable/printable PDF file!


Garber, Eric (ed.):
Embracing the Dark.

An anthology of 11 short stories of horror and dark fantasy, with gay men and lesbians at the center of these tales of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and spirits.

Garber, Eric; and Gomez, Jewelle (ed.):
Swords of the Rainbow..

An anthology of 14 short stories of fantasy and science fiction featuring gay or lesbian protagonists, including a new "Gilda" story by Jewelle Gomez.

Garber, Eric; and Paleo, Lyn (ed.):
Uranian Worlds: A Guide to Alternative Sexuality in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (2nd edition).

The annotated bibliography of variant sexuality (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-sexual, etc.) in science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature and film from A.D. 200 through 1989. A window to the changing popular attitudes toward sexual variance over several centuries.

Gearhart, Sally Miller:
The Wanderground: Stories of the Hill.

The threat to a lesbian utopia is men. This is a classic exploration of how women, if left to their own devices, would find a way to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

Gerrold, David:
The Man Who Folded Himself.

A man inherits a pocket watch that allows him to travel through time. He soon discovers that it allows him to travel through alternate realities, where he meets (and dates) male and female versions of himself. Things get complicated when he decides to have a baby with himself.

Gilman, Carolyn Ives:
Halfway Human.

While investigating an attempted suicide by a mysterious alien, Val Endrada discovers that the alien is a "bland", a member of the asexual underclass of the closed planet Gammadis. Her investigation uncovers the darkest secrets of Gammadian society. A fascinating exploration of class, slavery and gender.

Gomez, Jewelle:
The Gilda Stories.

This book chronicles the adventures of a Black lesbian vampire, from her flight from Mississippi as a runaway slave child in 1850 through her flight to Peru as a hunted vampire in 2050. Gilda also serves as a witness to the changes in how Blacks and women are viewed by the majority society.

Green, Roland:
Squadron Alert.
Division of the Spoils.
The Sum of Things.
Vain Command.

Exciting "combat SF" and space opera on the grand scale. The uneasy truce between two intra-stellar confederations is threatened by political unrest on the planet Victoria; and the starcruiser Shenandoah is sent in to keep the peace, if possible. Feminist and alternative sexuality themes and characters (gay, lesbian, bisexual) are handled well throughout the series.

Griffith, Nicola:

The Company plans to exploit the planet GP as soon as they figure out how to survive the planet's mysterious virus, which kills all men and some women. Anthropologist Marghe Taishan volunteers as a vaccine guinea pig in return for the chance of a lifetime: studying an all-woman planet that has been isolated for centuries.

Slow River.

In the near future, Lore Van de Oest is a woman on the run from her hateful past, her dysfunctional mega-wealthy family, and her wounded self-image. As an electronic criminal and as a lowly worker in a high-tech sewage treatment plant, she confronts such issues as dependency, child abuse, and self-esteem.

Griffith, Nicola; and Pagel, Stephen (ed.):
Bending the Landscape: Fantasy.

An anthology of 22 original fantasy stories about gay & lesbian characters. Includes a wide variety of "fantasy" stories.

Griffith, Nicola; and Pagel, Stephen (ed.):
Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction.

An anthology of 21 original fantasy stories featuring lesbians or gay men as the subject of one of sf's most enduring themes, the exploration of 'The Other'. Features work by a number of well-known and/or award winning sf authors, as well as works by gay or lesbian authors.

Haldeman, Joe:
The Forever War.

A potent exploration of the nature and consequences of war as told through the eyes of a soldier living through over a thousand years of an interstellar conflict. In time, he must deal with the fact that homosexuality has become the norm and that his heterosexuality makes him a social oddity, a queer.

Harris, Anne:
Accidental Creatures.

Helix has always been different, with her extra set of arms and strange teeth, she has shunnes most human contact until wanderlust sends her out into the world. Her past, and the future of a biopolymer harvesting company collide in this fast paced and emotionally charged knockout of a book.

Harrison, Don:
The Alexandrian Drachma.

A well-written gay historical-fantasy/romance. An English nobleman and his young ward search for the lost tomb of Alexander the Great in 19th Century Egypt. Hartman, Keith:
The Gumshoe, The Witch and the Virtual Corpse.

A series of grisly murders with occult overtones have set 21st-century Atlanta on the brink of city-wide civil war between radical Fundamentalists and what they term "the Godless Satanic Conspiracy" (Gays, Liberals, Wiccans, Democrats, Catholics, etc.). The story features numerous major, minor and background characters the provide positive portrayals of alternate sexual and/or religious lifestyles.

Huff, Tanya:
Blood Price.
Blood Trail.
Blood Lines.
Blood Pact.
Blood Debt.

Five novels chronicling the adventures of Toronto private investigator Victoria Nelson and her unlikely partner, Henry Fitzroy, a 500-year-old vampire. Their cases involve such supernatural elements as demons, werewolves, a murderous Egyptian mummy, zombies, ghosts and "mad scientists". Henry is unabashedly bisexual; and there are numerous lesbian and gay characters.

Sing the Four Quarters.

Courtly intrigues cause romantic complications in a "high fantasy" world where bards can Sing the elemental spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water into doing their bidding. Sexual orientation is not an issue in this society; and gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters abound.

Johnson, Toby:
Secret Matter.

A coming-out story set in 1996, with friendly aliens in big flying saucers. Many comparisons have been made between this story and such science fiction shows as V and Star Trek. This light-hearted love story doesn't take itself too seriously.


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