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Recommended Reading List

Please note, the icons () and Lambda Rising icons () found with books for our lists lead to the least expensive standard editions available. All proceeds from books and items bought through our and Lambda Rising links support the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards!

Listings Are Alphabetical by Author.

The complete Lambda Sci-Fi Recommended Reading List is also available in a downloadable/printable PDF file!


Nader, George:

A gay love story between a human and an alien. A young cadet is charged with the care of a recuperating "robot" who is the perfect specimen of manhood. The cadet knows that falling in love with the robot would condemn them both, but he simply can't help himself.

Park, Severna:
The Annunciate.

A young woman with magic-like powers in a technically crumbling society and two other "meshed" humans travel the human galaxy, watching the nanotech environment they can control fade. Enter both Naverdi, a young rebel woman, and a powerful alien life form.

Patton, Fiona:
The Stone Prince.

Border warfare, espionage, magical conflict, and dynastic intrigues set in a feudal/medieval society where a person's titles and societal position are not dependent on his/her gender and same-sex relationships are common among the aristocracy. This is the setting where Crown Prince Demnor DeMarian, heir to the Branion throne, falls in love with Kelahnus, a male courtesan in the Guild of Companions.

The Painter Knight.

Political maneuvering, Regicide, religious antagonism and magical plots set in the same feudal/medieval society as Patton's The Stone Prince, but at an earlier time. When the Aristok Marsellus III is murdered, his best friend and lover, Simon of Florenz, a renowned painter, must rescue his 5-year-old daughter and heir. The story revolves around returning Kassandra DeMarian to Branion to claim her throne. A fast moving and fun read.

Pollack, Rachel:
Godmother Night.

Laurie is head of the college's Lesbian Alliance; Jacqueline has never known who she was. With the behind-the-scenes help of Godmother Night, they meet and fall in love instantly. Jaqe and Laurie encounter various obstacles. With Godmother Night's help, they have a baby, which changes their lives forever. But Godmother Night turns out to be more than she seems - and everything comes with a price.

Reamy, Tom:
San Diego Lightfoot Sue and Other Stories.

Reamy populates his stories with characters from all walks of life, and takes a long scary look at sexuality, desire, and what we are willing to allow ourselves to see and handle. Drag queens, hustlers, macho cops, and more.

Robinson, Spider:
The Callahan Touch.
Callahan's Legacy.

The latest additions to the "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon" stories - as always, rollicking good fun! These two episodic novels also contain some thought-provoking, often poignant discussions of gay relationships, the spectre of AIDS, bisexuality, homophobia, and young gay life experiences.

Russell, Mary Doria:
The Sparrow.

An astounding novel of first contact, and the search for the divine. Russell populates her novel with brilliant characters, strong cultural science, beautiful prose and questions that haunt the reader well after the book is finished. Of particular note are her explorations of families-by-choice and her use of positive gay characters. One of the best genre novels ever.

Russo, Richard Paul:
Destroying Angel.
Carlucci's Heart. Carlucci's Edge.

In the future San Francisco, life is harsh and cheap. Megacorporations rule, the Tenderloin is a no-holds-barred bazaar, and the police accomplish little. First an ex-cop, tanner, and then a current cop, Frank Carlucci, struggle to bring justice for unthinkable crimes. Body thieves, drugs, bio-terrorism, serial killers and much worse stalk the streets. These books are dark and gritty, and are peppered with gay characters.

Ryman, Geoff:

Three lives follow their own yellow brick roads towards epiphany. This novel of magic realism ties together the lives of the real Dorothy, an abused and bitter young girl met by substitute teacher Frank L. Baum; Bill, a kind hearted young man whose life is changed when he works in a nursing home; and Jonathan, an actor dying of AIDS. This haunting book shows us that the yellow brick road is there for the taking, if we can just find the courage.

The Child Garden.

In a world where "I love you is bad grammar," young artist Milena meets a mysterious young bio-engineered polar woman named Rolfa. Love and art unfettered by conformity ensue. Strange, filled with remarkable ideas, and thoroughly rewarding.

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