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Recommended Reading List

Please note, the icons () and Lambda Rising icons () found with books for our lists lead to the least expensive standard editions available. All proceeds from books and items bought through our and Lambda Rising links support the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards!

Listings Are Alphabetical by Author.

The complete Lambda Sci-Fi Recommended Reading List is also available in a downloadable/printable PDF file!


Schimel, Lawrence:
The Drag Queen of Elfland and Other Stories.

A collection of 17 short stories featuring innovative, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, sometimes romantic, sometimes erotic combinations of standard fantasy themes with (not-so-standard) gay or lesbian characters and themes.

Things Invisible To See.

A collection of short stories filled with magic realism, strange surreality, and gay and lesbian characters.

Scott, Melissa:
Burning Bright.

The planet Burning Bright is a hub for intergalactic trade and the center of virtual-reality role-playing gaming for all of human space. Spacepilot Quinn Lioe has gone there for the VR gaming; but she finds herself caught up in an even more deadly game of interstellar political intrigue. A fascinating novel! Most major characters seem to be bisexual.

Dreaming Metal.

Celinde Fortune is a stage illusionist who begins to suspect that the new computer construct she uses in her act may in fact be a renegade AI once implicated in a murder. A follow-up novel to Dreamships, it continues an exploration of the concept of Artificial Intelligence amid the class struggles and economic-political upheavals on the planet Persephone. Many of the major characters are lesbian or gay.


Interplanetary corporate intrigue and personal ambitions clash in a brilliant novel which explores the nature of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Many of the major characters are lesbian or gay.

Mighty Good Road.

A lesbian couple operates a successful interplanetary salvage operation; but their latest assignment is tougher than usual - there seems to be sabotage and hijacking afoot. Excellent, fast-paced adventure.

Night Sky Mine.

Ista Kelly is the sole survivor of an apparent pirate raid on a spacer mining operation. As she searches for her true identity, she feels the first stirrings of love for one of her female classmates. Meanwhile, a gay male couple investigates rumors that someone is breeding "wild" programs in cyberspace aboard the abandoned mine and threatening the very existence of computer-based interstellar society.

Shadow Man.

In the far future, an intra-stellar civilization recognizes five distinct human genders and nine sexual preferences. But on the planet Hara, only the male/female "straight" paradigm is sanctioned. Warreven Stiller, a "herm," finds life in the "shadows" of Haran society increasingly unacceptable - and dangerous!

Trouble and Her Friends.

In the not-too-distant future, the U.S. Government is devising and enforcing new laws that will regulate and pretty much "close" the cyberspace frontier. Can ex-lovers Trouble and Cerise (and all their lesbian and gay friends) survive in this new, riskier, and more regulated virtual reality? An excellent novel!

Sherman, Delia:
The Porcelain Dove.

The magical tale of a French nobelwoman and the handmaiden who loves her. The gentle caring and romance between the lady and her maid is played out as dark deeds are discovered, curses are cast, and fairy tales are lived. A rich tapestry of language, imagery, love and magic.

Singleton, Jacqui:
Heartstone and Saber.

It's purely in the fantasy genre. A swashbuckling adventure with lead female and lesbian characters.

Slonczewski, Joan:
A Door Into Ocean.

The ocean-world of Shora is populated solely by "Sharers," amphibious females who "share" with each other every aspect of their lives, as well as "sharing" the biosphere with all the other life forms on the planet. When Shora is invaded by soldiers from a neighboring planet (many of whom are "malefreaks"), the non-violent Sharers face either ecological disaster and extinction at the hands of the militaristic Valedons or, if they fight the invaders, the loss of their most deeply held beliefs.

Spinrad, Norman:
Journals of the Plague Years.

Four people's lives are on a collision course, in a near-future America of rampant AIDS, quarantined cities, safe-sex machines, ID cards for HIV status, and outlawed "meat sex". Controversial and "in your face" fiction - typical Spinrad.

Springer, Nancy:
Fair Peril.

What happens when a struggling storyteller/librarian/recent divorcee encounters a frog claiming to be a Prince? Not what you might expect. With the help of a fellow librarian (a gay black man), she fights her ex-husband, the Prince, and all of Fairyland to win her daughter back. Along the way she learns strength; and her partner finally learns how to take chances and snags the Prince of his dreams.

Larque on the Wing.

Larque is a small-time artist and housewife going through an identity crisis. She gets an opportunity to reassess her life when she finds herself with a second chance to grow up - this time as a randy young man who happens to be gay. She goes on a quest to find her long-lost father, desperately trying to avoid the smothering attentions and demands of her villainous mother. One of the most fascinating "second chance" books to date - and hilarious to boot.

Metal Angel.

A disaffected angel materializes himself on Earth in order to lead the fast life - debauchery, sexuality of all sorts, and rock music - only he forgets to keep his wings from coming with him. The daughter of a fanatical preacher, a tough guy with a heart of gold, and a power-hungry, vain, gay man all full under the angel's spell and into his circle of confederates. The Religious Right (in the form of the woman's parents) takes on this "blasphemous fiend," eventually leading to betrayal, painful confrontation, and redemption. A very positive portrayal of open sexuality.

The Fifth Sacred Thing.

Finally! A feminist utopian novel that not only doesn't pit women against men, but that solves the problem of how to non-violently counter force. All that and vivid writing, too!

Steele, Allen:
The Tranquility Alternative.

In an alternate timeline, a budget-conscious US is abandoning its space program and turning over Tranquility Moonbase to a European corporation - but first the US plans to destroy six nuclear missiles siloed near the moonbase (left from the Cold War era). Unknown conspirators have *other* plans for those missiles! One of the major characters is a lesbian - she's an Air Force officer, a senior NASA astronaut, and second-in-command on the final US lunar mission.

Stewart, Jean:
Return to Isis.
Isis Rising.
Warriors of Isis.

An excellent series about a post-apocalyptic society with city-states that are completely accepting of any way of life.

Tarr, Judith:
Lord of the Two Lands.

The story of Alexander the Great's early victories over the Persians and of the supernatural battles behind the scenes, as witnessed and largely motivated by Meriamon, a priestess-mage of Egypt and daughter of the last native Pharaoh. Treats Alexander's love for Hephaistion endearingly and matter-of-factly.

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