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f science fiction, fantasy, or horror are your passion and you'd jump at the chance to get involved in a Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Club for Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgendered People and their Friends, then you're in luck. Lambda Sci-Fi is here!

The club starts with

  • Monthly meetings, which are held the second Sunday of each month (with rare exceptions) and start with a business meeting at 1:30 PM, followed by a social meeting at 2 PM. We provide a comfortable setting in which to socialize, meet other fans, and plan upcoming social events. Monthly meetings might be held Peter & Rob's place (1425 S Street, NW, Washington, DC; for more information, please call 202-483-6369) or at James' place (1414 17th Street, NW #413, Washington, DC; for more information, please call 202-232-3141). Please see our home page for upcoming meeting dates, times, and possible location changes.

  • Monthly newsletters, which are published to keep members up to date on club and fandom events; our newsletters usually include book and/or movie reviews.

  • Monthly Book Discussions, which are usually held the fourth Thursday of each month; the November and December discussions are combined into one discussion. We provide a comfortable setting in which to discuss a selected work of SF, fantasy, or horror. Most book discussions are held at Peter & Rob's place (1425 S Street, NW, Washington, DC). For more information, please call 202-483-6369.

But ours is a social club, and we love to get together for video madness parties, movie outings, gaming days, museum and exhibition trips, and attending science fiction conventions.

Membership Interests Range Widely

Our membership has a wide range of fantasy and science fiction interests—everything from Dr. Who to Star Trek, H.P. Lovecraft to comic books, conventions, and so on. We have a special interest in fantasy and science fiction with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender themes. You're almost sure to meet someone with similar interests.

Local Chapter of the Gaylactic Network

Lambda Sci-Fi is a local affiliate of the Gaylactic Network, an international organization for gay people and their friends who are interested in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. The Gaylactic Network periodically sponsors Gaylaxicon, a science fiction/fantasy/horror convention for gay people and their friends.

Need More Information?

For information on joining Lambda Sci-Fi or for details on our upcoming meetings and events, please contact us.

We're Easy to Join

Participation in Lambda Sci-Fi events is open to all, though we do require an annual membership fee of $10 for those who wish to have voting rights on business issues, wish to have the newsletter delivered to them (electronically), receive a copy of our membership directory, and (optionally) be listed in our membership directory.

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