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Gay Influence or Content
by Joseph Parra

Hello, dahlings! No, that's not a misprint - it's HOLLYWOOD! Our Community has given so much to the worlds of science fiction, horror, and fantasy that one would think we invented the genres. Well, we didn't; but we came close - what with directors like James Whale practically starting everything off with Frankenstein! (In case you didn't know, Whale was the earliest Hollywood director to come out of the closet in the late 1920s.) According to the late gay film critic Vito Russo, without our contributions a big part of the genre might never have happened! So, here's a list of "tres gay" genre films now available on home video. (I've placed the name of the distributor's company next to the film title, to make it easier for you should you decide you want to include it in your video library. I've also annotated each film to let you know why I've included it in this list: A = actor/actress, C = content, D = director, ST = subtext.)

By the way, for more insight about these films (and, indeed, for information about gay influence on and in the film industry in general), I highly recommend Vito Russo's book The Celluloid Closet.

Andy Warhol's Dracula (VCL) - C/D
Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (VCL) - C/D
Blacula (Orion) - C
Blood & Roses (Paramount) - C
Bride of Frankenstein (MCA/Universal) - A/D/ST
Carmilla (WB) - C
Caveman (MGM/UA) - C
Darkman (MCA/Universal) - C
Daughters of Darkness (Republic) - C
Die! Die! My Darling (Columbia/Tri-Star) - A/C
Donovan's Brain (MGM/UA) - C
Dorian Grey (Republic) - C
Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde (Republic) - C
Dracula AD 1972 (Warner Bros.) - C/D
Dracula's Daughter (MCA/Universal) - C
Dracula Sucks (VCL) - C
Dressed to Kill (Goodtimes) - C
Dune (MCA/Universal) - C
Ed Wood (Disney) - C
The Everlasting Secret Family (Cinevista) - C
The Fan (Paramount) - C
The Fearless Vampire Killers (MGM/UA) - C
Flesh Gordon (Video Treasures) - C
The Fourth Man (Video Treasures) - C
Frankenstein (MCA/Universal) - A/D/ST
The Haunting (MGM/UA) - C
Homicidal (Columbia/Tri-Star) - A/C
The Howling (New Line) - C
The Hunger (MGM/UA) - C
The Lady & the Monster (Republic) - C
Law of Desire (Cinevista) - C
The Legend of Hell House (Fox) - C
Lord of Illusions (MGM/UA) - C/D
The Lost Boys (Warner Bros.) - C
Lust for a Vampire (Republic) - C
Mascara (Warner Bros.) - C
Modesty Blaise (Sinister Cinema) - A/C
Murder (Sinister Cinema) - C
No Way to Treat a Lady (Paramount) - C
Picture of Dorian Gray (MGM/UA) - C
Plan 9 from Outer Space (Rhino) - A/D
Psycho (MCA/Universal) - A/C
Rebecca (Fox) - C
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Fox) - C
Rope (MCA/Universal) - C
The Silence of the Lambs (Orion) - C/D
Spectre of the Rose (Republic) - C/ST
Strangers on a Train (Warner Bros) - C
Terror in the Crypt (Sinister Cinema) - C
Theatre of Blood (MGM/UA) - C
The Uninvited (MCA/Universal) - C
The Vampire Lovers (Orion) - C
Vegas in Space (VCL) - A/C
The Velvet Vampire (New Horizons) - C
Windows (Columbia/Tri-Star) - C
2001: A Space Odyssey (MGM/UA) - C/D
2010 (MGM/UA) - C/D

...and there's lots more! Add to the list!!!

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