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- Ghosts & Haunted Houses/Castles -
by Joseph Parra

Some days, you just feel like a shadow of yourself - and you know, deep down, that you don't stand a ghost of a chance to get anything done. On other days, if the spirit is willing, things don't seem so grave. Which is just my way of saying that this month I'll be looking at "hauntings" on home video.

As always, I've designated each video with my opinion of whether it's good (G) or bad (B). If you want to check out my decision on any particular film, all you have to do is scare up a copy at your local video store! 

Back from the Dead (G/B)
The Bat (1926 - G; 1959 - G)
The Bat Whispers (G)
Beetlejuice (G)
The Boogey Man (G)
Boogeyman 2 (B)
The Canterville Ghost (1944 - G; 1978 - G/B)
Casper (G)
The Cat & the Canary (1927, 1939, 1978 - all G)
Curse of the Cat People (G)
Dead of Night (Super G)
The Evil (G)
The Fog (G)
Fog Island (B/G)
Gaslight (1940 - G; 1944 - very G)
The Ghost Breakers (G)
Ghostbusters (G)
Ghostbusters 2 (G)
The Haunting (Super G)
The Hearse (G/B)
Hold That Ghost (G)
House of Usher (1928 - G/B; 1948 - G/B; 1960 - G; 1983 - B/G)
House on Haunted Hill (G)
The House on Skull Mountain (B)
The Innocents (Super G)
Legacy of Blood (B/G)
The Legend of Hell House (G)
The Nightcomers (G)
Poltergeist (G)
Poltergeist 2 (B/G) & 3 (B)
The Pit & the Pendulum (G)
Premature Burial (G)
Scared to Death (B/G)
The Shining (G)
Spellbound (1940 - G)
The Spirit Is Willing (G/B)
Terror in the Haunted House (B/G)
13 Ghosts (B/G)
Topper (G)
Topper (TV series, selected shows - G)
Topper Returns (G)
Topper Takes a Trip (G)
Tormented (G)
The Uninvited (Super G)

....with many more phantoms and phantasms out there for your perusal!!!!

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