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Vincent Price on Home Video

by Joseph Parra

He was American-born and the most well-mannered madman the movies ever saw.  He loved to scare the Hell out of everyone while winking an eye to tell us it was really all right.  Whether bearing Edgar Allan Poe's most dire messages or haunting houses or merrily inventing exploding robots or wooing Judith Anderson (while attempting to marry Gene Tierney), he entertained us with his quick wit and ghoulish, macabre sense of humor.  Starting in 1939 and up through 1992, he was the one, the only... Vincent Price!
Are you a big fan of the inimitable Mr. Price?  If you are - and if you're afraid you might have missed out on some of his chilling little Silver Screen offerings - then here's a list of those of his genre films that are presently available on videotape.  What do you have a taste for?  This list includes mystery, suspense, horror, fantasy, and science fiction.  That's quite a range of flavors to choose from!  So, eat hearty and drink deep!  (As well as being a talented actor and an art connoisseur, Vincent Price was also quite a gourmet cook, you know!)

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (voice only - Universal, 1948)
The Abominable Dr. Phibes (American Int'l, 1971)
The Bat (Allied Artists, 1959)
Bloodbath at the House of Death (Cannon, 1987)
The Comedy of Terrors (American Int'l, 1963)
Confessions of an Opium Eater (Allied Artists, 1962)
The Conqueror Worm (American Int'l, 1968)
Cry of the Banshee (American Int'l, 1970)
Dead Heat (New World, 1988)
Diary of a Madman (United Artists, 1963)
Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine (American Int'l, 1966)
Dr. Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs (American Int'l, 1967)
Dr. Phibes Rides Again (American Int'l, 1973)
Edward Scissorhands (Fox, 1990)
Escapes (Prism, 1987)
An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe (American Int'l, 1971)
The Fly (Fox, 1958)
The Great Mouse Detective (voice only - Buena Vista, 1986)
The Haunted Palace (American Int'l, 1963)
House of the Long Shadows (Cannon, 1983)
House of the Seven Gables (Universal, 1940)
House of 1,000 Dolls (American Int'l, 1968)
House of Usher (American Int'l, 1960)
House of Wax (Warner Bros., 1953)
The House on Haunted Hill (Allied Artists, 1958)
The Invisible Man Returns (Universal, 1939)
Last Man on Earth (American Int'l, 1961)
Laura (Fox, 1944)
Madhouse (American Int'l, 1974)
The Mad Magician (Columbia, 1954)
Masque of the Red Death (American Int'l, 1964)
Master of the World (American Int'l, 1961)
The Monster Club (ITC, 1980)
The Oblong Box (American Int'l, 1969)
The Offspring (Eclipse, 1990)
The Pit & the Pendulum (American Int'l, 1961)
The Raven (American Int'l, 1963)
Return of the Fly (Fox 1959)
Scream and Scream Again (American Int'l, 1970)
Shock (Fox, 1946)
Son of Sinbad (RKO, 1955)
Tales of Terror (American Int'l, 1962)
Theatre of Blood (United Artists, 1973)
The Tingler (Columbia, 1959)
Tomb of Ligeia (American Int'l, 1964)
Tower of London (Universal, 1939; United Artists, 1962)
War Gods of the Deep (American Int'l, 1965)
While the City Sleeps (RKO, 1956)
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