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- Psychos and Lunatics -
by Joseph Parra

Balance - it's a wonderful thing. It helps you keep alert, sensible, on the ball. Being unbalanced - that's a dangerous thing. It keeps you weary, leary, off the mark, insensible. Balance is a necessary component of a rational mind. If, on the other hand, you are unbalanced, you're insane...

What follows is a list of videos about the "balance-impaired." I've labelled each video with my opinion of whether it's good (G) or bad (B). So, next time you're released (or next time you've escaped!), ramble on over to your local video store and scare up one (or more) of these little beauties. They're great! No, really! Really!! Ya ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Alias John Preston (B)
Before Dawn (G)
Bloody Birthday (G/B)
The Body Snatcher (G)
The Brighton Strangler (G)
Dead of Winter (G)
Die! Die! My Darling (G)
Guest in the House (G)
Halloween (G)
Halloween 2 (B)
Halloween 3 (G)
Halloween 4 (B/G)
Halloween 5 (B)
Hangover Square (G)
Homicidal (G)
Invisible Ghost (So B it's G)
Jack the Ripper (1959 - G, 1967 - G, 1980 - G)
Lady in a Cage (G)
The List of Adrian Messenger (G)
The Lodger (1926 - G, 1944 - G)
Magic (G)
Mania (G)
The Maniac (G/B)
Man in the Attic (G)
Murder by Decree (G)
Night Must Fall (1937 & 1964 - G)
No Way to Treat A Lady (G)
Picture Mommy Dead (B)
Psycho (Super G)
Psycho 2 (G/B)
Psycho 3 (B/G)
Psycho 4 (G/B)
Psychomania (1964 & 1972 - B)
The Psychopath (G/B)
Repulsion (G)
Scream of Fear (G)
The Shuttered Room (G/B)
Strait-Jacket (G)
A Study in Scarlet (sometimes called Study in Terror) (1933 - G, 1965 - G)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (G)
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (G)
Windows (B)

....with many more mad films out there for your perusal!!!!

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