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I Know What You Did Last Summer

A movie review by Joe Parra

Rating: 0 out of 4

I Know What You Did Last Summer - you made poo-poo on the screen this Fall.  This excrement opened across the country after much hoopla and had the audacity to compare itself to Scream.  A return to (or retread of) the teen-slasher-moron movies of the late 1970s and the 1980s, it has a typical plot.  One summer, four graduating-from-high-school, drunken teens run over someone and decide to dispose of the body.  Much to their chagrin, they begin receiving anonymous letters the following summer, saying their exploits were viewed.  The viewer then begins dispatching cast members in between boring scenes laid out with the finesse of a sawed-off shotgun blast.  Jim Gillespie directed this, his first feature in Hollywood, having come direct from British TV.  This hot dog of a flick looks like it's waiting for commercials.  Kevin Williams (who wrote Scream!!!) adapted Lois Duncan's so-so novel, displaying noneof the talent that was so evident in Scream.  Sarah Michelle Gellar (aka Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) tries her damndest, as does Jennifer Love Hewitt (of Party of 5), along with Anne Heche, as a looney backwoods lady.  It's all to no avail, as this chicken frankfurter loses flavor pretty quickly.  I won't even go into spfx or music - it just isn't worth the time.  Columbia picked this up as part of a deal with Mandalay Entertainment, which said they would co-produce this along with Seven Years in Tibet (a lovely film).  Oh well, that's life, huh?  Take the bad with the good.  You couldn't possibly enjoy!

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