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Bill Mumy - "Dying To Be Heard"

A music review by Tyler

Rating: none given

One day, while browsing the music section in Borders looking for the latest ?-ziq (pronounced "mu-sic") album, I instead discovered a CD by an artist named Bill Mumy.  At first, I questioned if this was, in fact, THE Bill Mumy.  When I turned the cover over, there was a picture of Lennier (from Babylon 5) in a T-shirt with a guitar slung over his shoulder.  I knew at that point that this CD was something I must have.  After first listening to the CD, I was unsure if I liked it or not.  The lyrics are intelligent and the acoustic, soft rock melodies pleasing enough; however, his voice seemed to fall in the space between Tom Petty and Bruce Springstein.  So I listened to it again and again.  After listening to it a fourth time, I came to the conclusion that if any artist can make me listen to his record over and over, he has achieved a success.  The highlight of this album is "The Ballad of William Robinson," a heartfelt song about the Lost in Space family 30 years later.  Overall, "Dying To Be Heard" is a good album to have next to Brent Spiner's "Ole Yellow Eyes" and Stephen King's "Rock Bottom Remainders."

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