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While Lambda Sci-Fi maintains an *Official* Lambda Sci-Fi Recommended Reading List, we sometimes receive recommendations on books with positive content from non-members. We can't add these to our Official list unless they come recommended by a member, but we don;t want these other recommendations to go un-noted. If you'd like to recommend a book or books, please drop a note to the maintainer of our Books Section, Rob Gates and include the title(s), author(s), and a short two to three sentence description of why the book should appear on this list!

Please note, the icons () and Lambda Rising icons () found with books for our lists lead to the least expensive standard editions available. All proceeds from books and items bought through our and Lambda Rising links support the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards!

Remember to visit the Official Lambda Sci-Fi Recommended Reading List as well - or utilize the downloadable/printable PDF file version that list!

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Baker, Sharon:
Quarreling They Met The Dragon.

Senruh, tribeless slave, boytoy, and potential main course, hasn't much to hope for except to be kept as a pampered pet by some indulgent member of the ruling class on this lost-colony planet where the only digestible protein is human flesh. Except for two things. There are Outsiders on his recently rediscovered planet who have given refuge to others inside their high-tech compound. And there is Pell, a tall-as-a-ruler, golden-haired, prickly, barbarian youth recently captured as a slave, who escapes into Senruh's welcoming hands.

Barker, Clive:
Imajica Volume 1.
Imajica Volume 2.

Sprawling, epic initiation and religious-quest novel featuring a magician hero who rejects his past as a heterosexual Lothario to pursue true love with a creature that has no fixed gender. Also worthwhile for its insights on the different spiritualities of men and women. Highly recommended.

Barker, Clive:

Though one of the major plotlines centers on a heterosexual Romeo-and-Juliet-style romance, this book notably features two major characters - the narrator and the eponymous hero - who are both bisexual men. There's also a scene with an inspiringly Dionysian lesbian wedding.

Cherryh, C. J.:

The hero is a full genetic clone of his gay 'father', who was only allowed this cloning because he had displayed a preeptive genius. The focus of the story is not directly on the "gay relationships' of the hero, but rather on the political effects of the genetic and psychological technologies surrounding him.

Constantine, Storm:
The Wraeththu Trilogy.

Post-apocalyptic with a rather different twist - a new race of parthenogenic hermaphrodites, the Wraeththu, wrest control of the planet away from the human race. Human men can be "incepted" as Wraeththu by an infusion of their blood. While the Wraeththu are hermaphrodites, there's definitely a far stronger masculine than feminine influence. Although Constantine's tone is inimitable, if Samuel Delany were a Goth perhaps he'd write something like this...

Delany, Samuel R.:

Bron Helstrom, metalogician, resident of the city of Tethys on Saturn's moon, Triton, doesn't know what he is doing, or, more particularly, why he's doing it. Rather uncomfortable for a metalogician who's supposed to understand the meaning of 'meaning'. But still, he answers the sex-change tech's questions calmly, hoping he'll, ah, she'll be home in time for supper. This amazing novel, product of one of SF's most brilliant, literate and articulate (also gay and black, if that's relevant) authors, displays a carefully crafted image of our future where technology enables all answers to any question to be true.

Diaman, N. A.:
Private Nation.

Follows the sexual and spiritual adventures of two young men who meet in a mid twenty-first century, post-industrial, dark ages and form a life-long relationship. The two major characters are gay and their experiences reflect this orientation.

Fox, Brandon:
Apprenticed to Pleasure.

Apprenticed to Pleasure is a sword and sorcery adventure and a gay romance, and is also very erotic. The main character is a young musician named Ander, and the story starts when he meets two foxy guys who visit the "house of companionship" where he works. A drunk soldier shows up, causing trouble, and Ander discovers his new friends are far more mysterious than he imagined. I love the characters, who are people you really like and enjoy having adventures with. They are emotionally involved with each other. I think this makes the erotica way more interesting than in most novels. The sex is vital to the plot, not just thrown in. (The sorcery is of the sex magic variety.) It's very pro-gay, and is set in a world where gay people are accepted on equal terms and without question.

Galford, Ellen:
The Dyke And The Dybbuk.

Jewish humor with Yiddish fantasy as the plot device. This book is very funny and was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.

Lee, Tanith:
Lycanthia, or Children of the Wolves.

An outsider discovers the mysteries and closeness of a pair of werewolves. Some bisexual expression of wolf-pack intimacy.

Moon, Elizabeth:
The Deed of Paksennarion. (consists of: Sheepfarmer's Daughter; Divided Allegiance; and Oath of Gold.)

In a medieval world, Paksinarrion escapes an arranged marriage by leaving the farm and joining a group of passing soldiers. These three books chronicle her rise through and beyond the ranks to become a legend. Though Paks herself is straight, lesbigayness is accepted as part of the society (and part of the military, bi the way...). A down-to-earth (?) view of early military life written by an ex-soldier.

Moorcock, Michael:
The Cornelius Quartet. (consists of: The Final Program; A Cure for Cancer; The English Assassin; and The Condition of Muzak.

An excellent series of novels in a very fractured narrative style and one of the all time classics. The first novel especially, as the two main characters are lesbians/bi and it has a feminist twist. All the stories are set in the twentieth century though in a series of set pieces as the characters move through different eras/conflicts. The first volume ends with the creation of an hermaphrodite.

Park, Severna:
Speaking Dreams.

A female diplomat must buy a female slave as a condition of her latest assignment, despite all attempts at refusal - she's still haunted by past relationship with another woman, also a slave. They too begin to fall in love as a war between the diplomat's culture and the slaver empire looms. Nominated for the Lambda Literary Award.

Russ, Joanna:
The Female Man.

A classic in the sf genre.

Sturgeon, Theodore:
Venus Plus X.

A man is taken to a valley inhabited by hermaphrodites and learns the nature of love and prejudice. Written in 1960.

Varley, John:
Steel Beach.

On a futuristic lunar colony, news becomes old hat in the space of an hour, genetically engineered brontosaurs are raised for meat, and periodic gender change is an accepted part of society. During the course of the book, the central character is male, female, and neutral.

Varley, John:
Titan. Wizard. Demon.

Capt. Sirocco Jones is a bi woman who leads her crew to rendezvous with a startling and imaginative artificial world. Among the intelligences encountered there are beautiful multi-gendered centaurs and a Goddess-like entity who appears in the form of Marilyn Monroe. Very imaginative!

Weis, Margaret; and Hickman, Tracy:
The Will of the Wanderer. The Paladin of the Night. The Prophet of Akhran.

A delightful romp through an Arabianesque world, this trilogy can easily be read as a tale told around the central gay character, Matthew. I found the angst and depression he suffers from true to form, and yet he manages to ever strive forward, driven by loyalty and love. Add genies, intrigue, and the workings of gods, and you have a wondrous series that leaves you emotional at the end.

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