e hope this will help you with our site:

  • I need to go to the home page
    Click on the logo in the upper left corner.
  • What are the major topic in this site?
    To go to a major section, click on a word in the blue navigation bar with the white writing, at the top.
  • I still don't see what I want!
    If you don't find what you're looking for, click on the word "search" above the navigation bar. If we really don't have it, please contact us and tell us about it!
  • What are those links on the left side of the page?
    Go to subsections by clicking on links on the left side of these pages. Each section has its own special set of links
  • Is there any erotica on this site?
    Nope. And there won't be.
  • Do I have to be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender to join Lambda Sci Fi or come to your events?
    Absolutely not! Your orientation is not our business. But we fancy we are a haven for the fan with the alternative lifestyle.
  • What are those funny little critters in the title bars?
    Who knows? They're from a neat dingbat font called Mini Pics Lil' Creatures by Image Club Graphics. The one on this page is from the Babylon5 Dingbat set. The ones on the Contact page are dingbats from the AOE Crop Bats set.
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